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The identity of my offering is a combination of HR and Business experience, of ongoing investment in learning and development and of a solid focus in  human capital.

In my service I leverage on my background in leadership, in people and business management, in talent evaluation and development, as well as in my multicultural exposure.

Before undertaking the roles of Executive Coach, Counselor and Speaker, I worked for 23 years in executive positions of multinational organizations. My corporate experience has been in the areas of Business, Sales and Human Resources Management

During my career, I had the privilege to receive and offer coaching and mentoring and learned to appreciate the powerful impact both have on the success of executives. Having led the recruitment, the assessment and the career development of numerous professionals in a variety of roles and levels, what I know for sure is that assisting individuals in becoming self aware and supporting their educational, professional and personal choices, is a life changing service.

In crafting my new professional brand I went through all the steps and the challenges involved in a sound career shift. This professional journey incorporated embracing change and moving out of my own comfort zone!

Today, more than ever, I experience the blessing of doing what I am passionate about and love most.

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A Combined Executive Coaching and Career Counseling Practice Covering:

Leadership Development,
Team Assessment & Development,
Career Planning,

“Landing In With Success”

Drasticaly supporting the successful transition of executives in challenging assignments


Facilitating off site meetings and developmental initiatives for boards, executive teams and HR. Introducing customized interventions in the areas of mission, vision, purpose, team effectiveness & sustainability.



Influential Speaker


Psychometric Tests

Team leadership Diagnoses

Team Performance and Sustainability Assessment Tools



  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Development
  • Job Transition
  • Combined Career Coaching and Counseling Practices
  • Active support in managing successfully career change & new assignments
  • Development of Personal Brand
  • Enhancing self-awareness and exploring career options



A well rounded professional combining sound experience in Business Management, Human Resources Management, Executive Coaching and Career Counseling.

Areas of expertise include : Leadership Development, Talent identification, Change, Sales and Performance Management , Definition of Strategic Operational Principles.

Blends broad corporate background, market understanding, passion for talent grooming, coaching & counseling practices as well as a variety of developmental tools into a unique offering.

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Meeting Amanda was a unique experience that led me beyond the purpose for which I first met her. She was always beside me with understanding, respect, encouraging me to discover the very best parts of myself or even those I had to reconsider. She made me realize much more than I was looking for. And now the journey continues away from Amanda but with her. Because this experience will follow me forever.
Nikos K.Senior Manager, Financial Services Industry
What can I say? A thank you is just too little. I was privileged enough to meet Amanda at a transitional and very uncertain time of my life. However, she made my quest for a career and life change easy, fun and above all possible! I appreciated her honesty, graciousness, ongoing humor and wisdom throughout our sessions, guiding me at the same time to focus and prioritize. When everyone was pushing me to make decisions, Amanda was a breath of fresh air, I always looked forward to our conversations. She has been an exemplary coach and she managed to make me dream again and go towards my passions. I have been recommending Amanda to all of my friends. Like I said above, Amanda, I cant thank you enough and I am so grateful I met you!!!
Nineta A.EU Communication Specialist
When the road is steep, Amanda will keep you moving , whether you crawl, walk or run, she will be there to encourage you, motivate you, help you find the way. The end result is beautiful : one day you realize that you were climbing and now you are at a higher level than when you started.
Marina M. Senior Manager, Banking Industry
I had the privilege to work with Amanda. It is a life changing experience which has provided me with the right tools to cope with changes in my professional life, to recognize the challenges, to face them and to move forward. Amanda was there, a true professional, with patience, persistence, empathy, high values and insight. An inspirational person, devoted to what she does with all her soul. Our journey broadened my horizons and changed my perspective on life. The challenge working with Amanda and with yourself, is not easy, but the journey is worth every moment of it.
Christina S.Physicist, PhD Candidate
Working with Amanda is an experience … an exciting one, pleasant and demanding. It’s a journey of self-realization, where you are asked to explore your true desires, your life targets, your blind spots and boundaries. It’s a journey though that you are not travelling alone and this is what it makes it exciting! Amanda is a “professional” that supports you all way through; emotional support, empathy, encouragement, mirroring what your advanced self would be & do. I’d like to sincerely THANK HER for showing me a long road, full of adventure and discovery, away from Laistrygonians and Cyclops (hidden within us).
Ioanna R.Senior Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry
The combination of natural talent, authentic interest and high professional standards, establish Ms Malouchou as a high caliber counselor. She assisted me in introducing a structured thought process and her passionate approach inspired me to understand and believe that through a well planned and focused effort I can achieve everything important to me.
Savina V

A charismatic person that counsels and inspires people around her. A woman with warmth in her approach that shares unconditionally her knowledge and experience in order to support both the personal and the professional evolution of the trainee.
Lina L

Ms Malouchou is an inspirational and an enlightened person.She shares unconditionally her knowledge and has a natural positive attitude towards life. I enjoy working with her..
Angeliki T

She is extremely updated/knowledgeable and organized in her work. She transmits a positive approach to life. With one word she is simply fantastic.
Anna Maria S

Ms Malouchou adjusted her approach to the positive and strong characteristics of the character of each one of us in order to make us feel on an individual level empowered to manage and lead our future according to our needs and wishes. Her focused guidance in combination with her exceptional know how on career development provided me with a unique professional and personal experience!
Vasileios S

Team Talent Development Testimonials
Working with Amanda Malouchou has been an insightful, challenging and extra rewarding experience. Amanda’s approach of building strong ties within an independent relationship has perfectly worked for me. Amanda Malouchou is among the very few professionals I would unconditionally recommend.
Theofilos K.Consultant, Tourism Industry
A journey with Amanda ... A path that takes me afar, but also closer to myself... Your guidance is valuable, filled with love and wisdom, for the improvement of self-confidence, the realization of changes in attitude, thoughts and actions. Respect, support, empathy and above all acceptance towards me, from me and towards others. The journey goes on with insight and your moto as guide "the answers lie within you" I know that we didn't meet at random... I welcome and thank you...
Georgia P.HR Professional, NPO



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