dfghjWe all want to work in an environment where people deliver on their commitments. So what can managers do to foster accountability with employees? The first step is to be crystal clear about what you expect — the outcome you’re looking for, how you’ll measure success, and how people should go about achieving an objective. Be sure that the person you’re holding accountable actually has the skills and resources they’ll need; if they don’t, you’re just setting them up for failure. Then agree on weekly milestones with clear, measurable, objective targets. If any of these targets slip, jump on the issue right away. Brainstorm a solution, identify a fix, redesign the schedule, or respond in some other way that gets the person back on track. Give feedback weekly, and remember that it’s more important to be helpful than nice.

Adapted from “The Right Way to Hold People Accountable,” by Peter Bregman

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