The identity of my offering is a combination of HR and Business experience, of ongoing investment in learning and development and of a solid focus in  human capital.

In my service I leverage on my background in leadership, in people and business management, in talent evaluation and development, as well as in my multicultural exposure.

Before undertaking the roles of Executive Coach, Counselor and Speaker, I worked for 23 years in executive positions of multinational organizations. My corporate experience has been in the areas of Business, Sales and Human Resources Management

During my career, I had the privilege to receive and offer coaching and mentoring and learned to appreciate the powerful impact both have on the success of executives. Having led the recruitment, the assessment and the career development of numerous professionals in a variety of roles and levels, what I know for sure is that assisting individuals in becoming self aware and supporting their educational, professional and personal choices, is a life changing service.

In crafting my new professional brand I went through all the steps and the challenges involved in a sound career shift. This professional journey incorporated embracing change and moving out of my own comfort zone!

Today, more than ever, I experience the blessing of doing what I am passionate about and love most.

My mission:

On an individual level: To unfold talent and potential and enable professionals to thrive.

On a company level: to support organizations identify and develop talent. At a team level to provide an intervention that enhances effectiveness and sustainability.

My solid belief: each and every one   is blessed with strengths, talents and potential. What separates us from fulfilling our potential, making an impact or finding our calling, is the identification of the appropriate path to follow.

My values: integrity, ethics, passion for talent, empathy, curiosity, novelty, trust, giving back to society, can do attitude, humility, compassion, lifetime investment in learning.

My approach: one to one, holistic, personalized, agile, customized, in depth.

In my approach, I combine significant senior executive experience, business & market understanding with HR, Business Management, Executive Coaching & Career Counseling skills.

My practices involve: dwelling on self awareness, dare to dream approach, realistic goal setting, career planning, embracing change, identifying and investing on strengths,  focusing on what really matters and personal branding.

People describe me as: inspirational, passionate, with human touch, authentic, demanding, practical and realistic, trustworthy  having a “yes we can” attitude, intuitive, assertive, challenging and supportive.

My clients: include C-suite executives, senior professionals and teams from the fields of technology, construction industry, healthcare, pharmaceutical, hospitality, banking, arts, medical equipment , education and business owners. I consistently invest time in offering my services pro bono to NPOs, Educational Institutions, students and career seekers.